Jazz's Story

I suffer from generalized anxiety panic disorder. I have taken medication for it off and on since I was 10 years old. Just like diabetes, arthritis, and illnesses I battle with it every day. Some days are totally great and others are so bad I just want the day to end in hopes I wake up the next day without feeling so scared. I don't hide my mental health from my children. I feel that it is our generation who can change the way we feel about mental health and that we might save some of these children who suffer as well. I was born like this. It's not my fault. I make it my top priority to work on it daily. I exercise, meditate and try to use positive thinking. I proved to myself how strong I was by getting my entire family through my daughter's life threatening illness. I am now a proud ambassador and chair fundraiser for the Canadian mental health association. Please don't judge me or others who suffer with mental health disorders. Please be aware of the warning signs for friends and family. Teach your children how to cope in this stressful world we have created. I am the face of mental health. You may not know it, by my appearance and my smile, but know I fight everyday just like many others.